09/03: Quintastics Talk

09/03: Quintastics Talk

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Hello Quintastics; the many faces of fifty somethings

Silver haired elderly couples, in matching wind breakers on e-bikes. We all know these imageries all too well. Once you turn fifty, this is the target group you belong to. At least in current Dutch marketing that seems to be the case. But look around you. Does the reality of the fifty-somethings you know match with that image? Probably not.

MARE wanted to inspire research and communication professionals to update their perspective on fifty-year-olds. Therefore, we conducted extensive research and created the hardcover coffee table book ‘HELLO QUINTASTICS’, featuring custom made design and portraits of the wonderful people we interviewed across the Netherlands.

There are currently 3,7 million Quintastics in the Netherlands. This trendtalk showcases a new take on fifty year olds are and what makes them tick. Who are they? What are their belief systems? What are their dreams and fears? And how would they like to be spoken to?

  • Regular ticket: €25,-                                   
  • Student ticket: €10,-

Time: 17.00-18.00


  • Lil' Amsterdam at Amsterdam Central Station
  • Stationsplein 31-33
  • 1012 AA Amsterdam

We also sell a limited amount of tickets at the door. Please contact us to reserve a ticket.

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