13/03: Gen-Z. Screenagers Coming of Age in a Brave New World

13/03: Gen-Z. Screenagers Coming of Age in a Brave New World

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Move over and make way for Generation Z. Born between 1995 and 2010, with a smartphone in their hand and with no perception of life before the Internet.

Gen-Z is 'globally' oriented and have more in common with peers on the other side of the world than with older generations in their own hometown. They have no posters of pop stars hanging above their beds, but follow influencers on social media. They’re extremely visually inclined and would rather You’gle than Google.

The information overload that characterizes this generation comes with its difficulties. With 93% of global youth saying it’s hard being young today. Think: insecure financial times, political corruption, global warming, social media celebrity dramas, or even never-ending comparisons with others on social media.  Moms, dads, brand makers and marketers, struggling to bridge the wide gap between themselves and the screenagers in their lives - this one’s for you.

  • Regular ticket: €25,-                                   
  • Student ticket: €10,-

Time: 17.00-18.00


  • Lil' Amsterdam at Amsterdam Central Station
  • Stationsplein 31-33
  • 1012 AA Amsterdam

We also sell a limited amount of tickets at the door. Please contact us to reserve a ticket. 

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