28/03: Future of Retail

28/03: Future of Retail

from 8.26

2018 promises to be an innovative year for retail theatre, as brands and stores of all sizes embrace new ways of connecting with audiences. 

Hybrid reality and demanding brand savvy consumers are setting the stage for a new era of immersive experience shopping. This trendtalk unravels what drives and motivates customers and looks into how retailers are responding with unique and memorable experiences. Retail theatre and store theatrics hold the key to capturing shoppers’ attention, engaging in productive, informative and entertaining interactions, and delivering a differentiated shopper experience. From visual merchandising strategies to the textured and tangible; let’s talk shop!

Once we've presented the ongoing shifts happening within retail theatres across the globe, it's time to welcome our guest speaker...

Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart is the founder & creative director of design studio STUDIO ULTRADELUXE that specialises in the shortlooped animation medium a.k.a. GIFs. In 2016 she started GIFMEFASHION; a platform for fashion GIFs with the aim to advance the field of the professional GIF animation.

For those of you who have not yet jumped on the GIF bandwagon: A GIF conveys a message quickly and is applicable on digital billboards, art frames and websites. The visual loop is mesmerizing and perfect for capturing attention in our busy lives and crowded social media feeds. A good visual loop has a long lifespan online, where GIFs are happily shared.

Want to know more about why your brand or company should use GIFs, when, how and for whom they work? In her talk van Maarschalkerwaart sheds light on these questions and shares a selection of inspirational examples from the fashion industry to the art scene and everything in between.

  • Regular ticket: €25,-                                   
  • Student ticket: €10,-

Time: 17.00-18.00


  • Lil' Amsterdam at Amsterdam Central Station
  • Stationsplein 31-33
  • 1012 AA Amsterdam

We also sell a limited amount of tickets at the door. Please contact us to reserve a ticket.

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