20/03: Food Futures

20/03: Food Futures

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"How do we get food?" was a real challenge for many humans thousands of years ago. Today, we ask “what’s for dinner". Tomorrow the question may be “who’s printing out the dinner steaks?”  

Food has a much more important role than just keeping people alive. Food connects us with our inner selves, with each other and with the elements around us; land, water, air. What, how and why we eat is determined by prosperity, cultural traditions and personal choices. Therefore, an understanding of food trends reveal a vast amount of insights regarding who we are and what we consider to be important in life. The world's population is rapidly growing. In some parts of the world there are hungry mouthes to be fed, whereas in other parts of the world food porn is a fashion statement and way for us to show off just how en vogue we are. 

Come and join us in exploring some of the most inspiring trends, innovations and and creative solutions currently commenting on or tackling the global food issue.

Guest speakers to be determined.

  • Regular ticket: €25,-                                   
  • Student ticket: €10,-

Time: 17.00-18.00


  • Lil' Amsterdam at Amsterdam Central Station
  • Stationsplein 31-33
  • 1012 AA Amsterdam

We also sell a limited amount of tickets at the door. Please contact us to reserve a ticket. 


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