27/03: Urban Nomads. Pop-up Cities

27/03: Urban Nomads. Pop-up Cities

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Why are Millennials moving in with empty nesters? Why do hotels call themselves communities? And why worry about buying a house, when you can just subscribe to one?

Connected, hyperaware and mobile consumers are causing cities to be in a constant state of flux. 

MARE invites you to take a deepdive into the mechanics influencing how today’s consumers interact with their urban surroundings.

But don’t just take our word for it; we’re pleased to introduce you to 2 experts in urbanity, who truly understand the interplay between ever-evolving concrete jungles and those who call it their home.

Golfstromen is an Amsterdam-based urban design and communications agency that launched Pop-Up City in 2008, out of a fascination for the ways in which citizens, organizations, enterprises, and governments were coming up with creative and flexible solutions to deal with this new urban dynamic.

Afaina de Jong believes in the practice of an (inter)active architecture that goes beyond just making buildings. Prior to starting her research and design studio AFARAI in 2005, she worked for the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living in Tokyo and at AMO-OMA. Afaina crosses boundaries of conventional architecture through a multidisciplinary approach, integrating research and design with a strong focus on social design.

  • Regular ticket: €25,-                                   
  • Student ticket: €10,-

Time: 17.00-18.00


  • Lil' Amsterdam at Amsterdam Central Station
  • Stationsplein 31-33
  • 1012 AA Amsterdam

We also sell a limited amount of tickets at the door. Please contact us to reserve a ticket. 

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