Awesome that you’ve navigated through the clutter and found your way to our blog. Stick with us and we’ll keep you updated on emerging trends, ideas and innovations that help make the world a better (or at least) a cooler place. We’ll share what we’ve learned by visiting events, conferences and all sorts of exhibitions in Amsterdam and across the globe. In the SparkSpeaks, you’ll find fragments of in depth conversations with some of our Sparks, our unique, worldwide network of cherry picked creative mavens in various disciplines.

Anticipate is created by MARE’s trend team. At MARE we provide tailor-made future perspectives by understanding the interplay between consumer insights and global market trends. Our Sparks help us stay on the pulse and offer valuable, unfiltered insights into the mindsets of the creative forefront. Together, our trend team and Sparks help some of the most stylish, international brands stay ahead of the game.

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