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Anno 2017 Dutch Design Week provided an overload of inspiration and new talents. Graduate Stephanie Morianner was definitely one of them. We talked to her about TRANSNATURA, her graduation project on show at the Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven.

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Who are you and what makes you tick?

I graduated from Academie Artemis in Amsterdam in July. During my studies, I worked on subjects related to nature, mankind and technology, and especially how these elements develop in our current society and what influence they have on humans. I completely lost myself in these themes and translated my research into a visual concept, including colour and material.

Tell us about you latest project...

TRANSNATURA - THE UNIFICATION OF HUMAN AND NATURE is a trend inspiration book for a fictional sports brand inspired by jellyfish. In the book three themes are translated, each with their own colours, shapes, feeling and characteristics. The movement, freedom, mysterious, translucency and colours of jellyfish are central.

What inspired you to create this now?

My graduation project started with my fascination for jellyfish. These beautiful creatures don’t just have splendid colours and textures, but also many of the qualities we humans strive for. They are immortal, live without systems, clone themselves, go with the flow and have all the freedom one could want.

Mankind longs for an ideal life: freedom, health and longevity being primary parts of this. According to scientists the first immortal human is already amongst us. But how can we achieve this perfect life, confiding only in the technological progress we make?

It’s my belief that we must embrace nature in a new way – not only in sustainable materials, but also by exploring the strengths of nature. This will help us in our search for the “ideal” life. “Nature has solutions for countless of problems we face”, said material researcher Joanna Aizenberg.

What does your work mean for today's society?

There are signals in our current society that lead me to believe that the lines between humanity, nature and material will fade. This blurring of boundaries will give us new, innovative, sustainable and unexpected creations. In TRANSNATURA I translated this into textures, colours, shapes and clothing. All inspired by one part of nature: the jellyfish. I hope I can inspire to look at nature in a different way.

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Who do you aspire to collaborate with in the near future and why?

In the future I hope to partner with a biologist and/or scientist to design a research process, where we create new materials based on the power of nature.

 Where do you wish to see yourself ten years from now?

In 10 years time, I hope to run my own design studio and to work on projects that inspire. Whereby I hope nature will still play a seminal role in the design process.

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Stephanie Morianner


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