Starting today, we’re gonna switch up the content on our blog just a little bit. Each month, our posts will be dedicated to one of the trends on our radar. A shift of the seasons, movement of the month, direction of the days, or whatever you want to name it. This way you will gain a deeper insight in the way we view and approach trends, hopefully helping you understand the bigger picture.

We’ll start of each month by providing you with background context on the trend we’ll be discussing, accompanied by the emerging consumer mindsets that come along with it. During the month we’ll update you with ways each trend manifests itself in society through new and upcoming products, services, and everything in between. Over time, this will create a trend framework that can help you make sense of the everchanging world around you.


And of course, we’re putting our money where our mouth is! We’re starting it of right here, right now, with one of our faves: Sensory Fetishism. As the name suggests, this trend is all about multi-sensory experiences, embracing your primal self, and interactive design that allows users to narrate the way they use it.

In our current day and age, loads of people spend a large portion of their day behind a screen. Our lifestyle has changed drastically as a result of this, but in essence our human cravings remain mostly the same. What we mean by that, is aside living through our digital avatar, there’s also a longing for physical and real-life experiences. Sometimes we need to log off, give our eyes a rest and allow our other senses to roam freely.


Consumer mindsets

I want interaction. There’s this need for products and services that focus on interaction between sender and receiver and challenge the conventional ways a company, product or service interacts with its end user. What’s rather remarkable about this, is that consumers are willing to go quite far for that ultimate experience. Think entering a freeze cabinet to experience some of the final moments of a famous person. Sounds crazy, right?

I want multi-sensory branding. Our brain is working day and night to process all of the information that’s thrown our way, which can lead to an overload of visual stimuli. As a result of this, innovations that trigger multiple senses other than just your sight are being embraced with open arms. This way, your eyes can take a well-deserved break from all of the craziness that is your life.


I want to embrace my primal self. What we want as consumers, is not always the same as what we want as humans. Our digital society is the main cause of this, as instant gratification and living on-demand seems like a dream to some, but what are the implications of this to the human psyche? Lots of people feel distanced from their primal self and are looking to brands to help close this gap.

Be sure to check out Anticipate the upcoming month, as we will show you exactly how Sensory Fetishism is already manifesting itself in society. See you soon!