With Summer just around the corner, and June already in full force, our sustainable journey through the world of Holistically Happy has come to a close. If you want to get a recap on everything this trend entails, check out our article here. As one chapter closes, another begins. The next couple of weeks we will zoom in on what we like to call the Mass Avant-Garde movement. This shift touches on a more fluid approach towards gender and other binary structures, challenging preconceived notions of what is deemed normal. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Because of the internet, people are able to find likeminded peers anywhere, anytime, about basically any subject you could think of. Even the most niche of sub-groups, can now grow towards mainstream popularity. As result of this, our understanding of what is weird and what is wonderful has shifted, and the boundaries of what is deemed socially acceptable are stretching. Programs, artists and festivals that used to be exclusive to a small niche group, are now embraced by the masses.

Think of RuPaul’s Dragrace for instance. Only a short while ago, drag queens weren’t popular in mainstream culture and were even looked down upon. However, nowadays this drag queen talent show is one of the most sought after tv programs, each subsequent season being bigger and bolder than the previous one. The critics agree, as the program has amassed 9 Emmy awards over the past 3 years alone. Another example is the dark and sometimes borderline demonic Billie Eilish, aka the biggest female pop star in the world right now. She is a pioneer of the once niche sadcore movement, a music scene that’s defined by its depressive and dark undertones. From niche to norm indeed!


Consumer mindsets

I want to challenge status quo. The younger generations have grown up in an age of political and economic unrest, which is partially the fault of outdated systems imposed decades ago. In response to this, they’re breaking down these systems, replacing them with more agile ones that better fit the ever-changing zeitgeist. From disrupting the educational system, to self-funded me-brand empires; the digital natives are here to break the rules.

I want to deconstruct social constructs. Now more than ever, deconstructing rigid social constructs like race and gender are important topics of discussion within the youth arena. The restrictions and limitations of having only two genders has been made very apparent, as an exponentially growing group has come out of the woodworks to express feeling left out by this binary system. By raising awareness regarding topics such as white privilege, intersectionality and systemic racism, the construct of race is broken down step by step as well.


I want new aesthetics. With facetuning, photo editing software and Instagram filters seeing their numbers skyrocket, there’s also been a counter movement that opts out of picture perfect. Instead, this group of people strive for a different look and feel with a raw and sometimes even absurd tone of voice. This shift isn’t just led by outspoken individuals exclusively, as brands and organizations have also risen to the occasion to shape this new and more honest public discourse.

We fully understand if you still have some questions regarding the mindsets we touched on. But rest assured, we will go into further detail as the month progresses. So stay tuned! If you can’t wait, you can always get in touch via Speak soon!